Fun, Unusual Outdoor Toys 4-6 Year Olds

Young girl hanging from a rope climber with the phrase 24 unusual outdoor toys for kids ages 4-6.

Nowadays, it's no surprise for parents that motivating their children to get outside is a relatively hard task. And while it may be tempting to let your little ones stay inside playing with smartphones or watching YouTube Kids videos, children need the stimulation and benefits of outside play.

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This is where outdoor toys enter the picture. Kids are naturally drawn to toys, but finding ones that can keep them interested in staying outside can be a real challenge. That's why today I embarked on a mission to find unusual and unique outdoor toys for 4-6 years olds, so your kids will have fun while interacting with the world surrounding them. That being said, let's find some gems!

Unique Outdoor Toys to Entertain Your 4-6 year olds this Summer 

The Best Unusual Outdoor Water Toys

Hot summer days can be a drawback to kids playing outside if you don't have a way to cool them off. Sprinkler pads can be an option to beat the heat. However, that's too ordinary for this post… When it comes to unusual outdoor toys, water tables take the crown. (I even have a full, detailed post on those), but… What other options are there?

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Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark with Lazy River Splash Action

Water tables are even considered by many as “the ultimate sensory experience,” and I couldn’t agree more! This table, in particular, is excellent because it has a spiral tube to pour water, a Ferris wheel, five-character balls, and more to help your child improve fine motor skills.

Inflatable Gopher Bop Sprinkler Game

With this life-sized version of Whac-A-Mole, your kiddos will have fun outside, all of its parts are inflatable, so there's nothing to worry about besides enjoying the sun and having fun!

Discovery Toys Hydro Launch Water Rocket Outdoor Sprinkler Toy 

Calling all mini-astronauts! Once this rocket is attached to a garden hose via its thrust controller, it swings on a water stream while spraying more water from its nose cone. One of the best unusual outdoor water toys for teaching kids about balance and gravity!

The best outdoor ride-on toys

Ride-on toys are great for helping develop your kid’s balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. You can choose between electric ones and non-electrical ones, but either way, they are sure to provide lots of fun to your child this summer.

Kid Trax Toddler Disney Princess Vespa Scooter Electric Ride On Toy

With a max speed of 2 miles per hour and a foot pedal acceleration system, this little Vespa-style toy will make your kid feel like she's cruising through the streets of Italy.

sopbost Kids Toddler Ride On Bumper Car with Parental Control

Tired of seeing the same outside ride-on toys for 4-6 year olds? Well, let me tell you this bumper car is the exception. With it, you’ll bring the amusement park home in a safe and dynamic way! 

NERF Blaster Scooter Dual Trigger

Introducing this bad boy: a 3-wheel kick scooter for blasting on the go. This exciting vehicle can rapidly fire darts up to 40 feet while staying stable, AND it’s also compatible with other NERF products. How cool is that?

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The best toys for digging outside in the mud

More sensory play! It doesn’t matter whether your kid is fascinated by the texture of mud and loves getting his or her hands dirty or rather playing with it indirectly. Either way, it’s a great resource to strengthen their immune system, improve their creativity, and more. So let’s see which unique toys for digging outside I found!

Albott Ride On Sand Digger Outdoor Kids Toys

This toy also falls into the previous category, but I felt it fits this category better due to the “digging” factor. It features a solid metal body and large-size wheels that will give stability to your child while he experiences hours of fun scooping and moving piles of mud. I love it!

RAINBOW TOYFROG 13″ Plastic Sand Digger Grabber Toy 

It’s a hand digger shaped like a lobster. Do I really need to say more? Jokes aside, this orange claw grabber will be your kid’s must-have when they go out to play in the mud. P.S: It works on sand and snow too!

TP Toys Muddy Maker Mud Kitchen

Do your kids absolutely love making mud pies? Say no more! Encourage them to dig for some mud, collect it in a pot and let their creativity flow in this wooden mud kitchen.

The best outdoor science toys for exploration

Outdoor science toys are pretty self-explanatory. They help your child discover the world around them, improving their sense of direction while encouraging them to explore nature and learn about its wonders. In a nutshell, they're the perfect educational toys for adventurous spirits!


Bugnoculars! Your little scientists at home are going to love them. With these special binoculars, children can catch and safely examine bugs, flowers, and more. They’re even waterproof, so aquatic creatures like tadpoles and small fish can also be examined.    

Little Experimenter Metal Detector for Kids

Children are curious by nature, and the incentive of finding a buried treasure in their backyard is the key to keeping them busy outdoors. This particular detector finds metals up to 6″ underground and also includes an educational guidebook. 

JOYIN Kids Outdoor Explorer Kit and Bug Catcher Toys (Vest, Hat, Binoculars, Flashlight, Magnifying Glass, and Compass) for Indoor or Outside Exploring

 If your kids not only want to catch bugs but also want to feel like full-on explorers, this kit is sure to make them feel like ones. It's got everything: a safari vest, explorer hat, butterfly net, a magnifying glass, a compass, and more. All ready for their exploratory adventures!

The best outdoor climbing toys with unique flare

If, as a child, you were one of those who climbed trees just for the sake of it, you understand how important it is to have a climbing toy at home. When a kid climbs a surface, whatever it is, it helps him in a significant way in his physical and mental development, improves his spatial awareness, and stimulates the development of his balance. If you want to know more about this topic, I also have a whole post dedicated to it (don't miss it!). But for now, let's see which are the best unusual outdoor climbing toys.

Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower

 Simple yet unique and entertaining, this climbing dome is portable, and it’s even heat and freeze resistant. Also, I know that one of the most essential features in outside toys for 4-6 year olds is safety, and I can assure you this climbing dome won’t tip over.

TP Toys Explorer 2 Climbing Set Jungle Gym with Platform and Tent

If you happen to have a small backyard, but you still want your kids to have fun outdoors climbing, this unusual toy is a must. Kids will climb up and play on their new durable fort for hours, and if you want to, you can even add a slide to it!

Little Tikes Bobcat Ridge Playset

If you have a generous budget, a large backyard, several children at home, and want to reach the ultimate level of climbing toys for kids, here's an option that checks all of those boxes. It has a built-in ladder, a rock climbing wall, a vertical cargo net, and more!

The best outdoor trampolines

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ trampoline? Let's face it, even as adults, the idea of bouncing freely on one is appealing. After all, trampolines are not just for fun (that's the main part, but not their only purpose). They also serve as a regular “workout” and teach your child to be more independent.

JUMP POWER 72″ x 50″ Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline & Safety Net Combo

This rectangular trampoline doesn't require much space (it measures 72″ x 50″ x 73″, in case you have a small backyard or want to install another one indoors), and thanks to the swing attached inside, your kids will be able to swing in endless fun.

SÄKEE Trampoline with Sprinkler Safety Enclosure Net

Trampoline + sprinkler? THE ultimate summer activity! This will not only help your kids cool off while staying active, but it will also make your backyard the coolest place in your neighborhood.

LANGXUN 5ft Panda Trampoline for Kids

Last but not least, what makes this trampoline unusual is the cute panda face. I've never seen it before, and if we like it as an adult, the kids will love it for sure! If you have a particularly small backyard, this lil' panda will make your child very happy.

The best unusual open-ended toys for 4-6 year old outside play

One of the biggest mistakes some parents make when it comes to toys is only to give their children close-ended toys (where is the imagination???). Open-ended toys are good for building creativity as they can have multiple purposes depending on the child's imagination. They reign supreme when it comes to play. 

Explore Nook Wooden Water Ways – Starter Family Set

This set of wooden channels will allow your young ones to explore how water flow works while using their imagination. The collection includes three wooden channels with different patterns, three chunky wooden blocks, and one wooden funnel.

Fort Boards: Fort Building Kit 

Its unique shape was what initially caught our attention, but after reading through the reviews, I decided to put this toy in this post. This 90-piece fort building set can be used for STEM education, teaching kids about spatial awareness, engineering, and even mathematics.

Waldorf Hand Kite Set of 2 Montessori Waldorf Learning Toy 

Some parents may think this toy is way too simple for their kids to enjoy, but nothing could be further from the truth. Using the power of imagination, children can use these ribbons as a dance accessory, bracelets, or even as tails – that's the true magic of open-ended toys!

The best art toys for outside use

You know what they say, “art is the language of the soul,” and that's a fact. Art is the synonym of creativity, freedom, self-expression, and much more. Teaching your children the benefits of art from a young age will always pay off (such as improved fine motor skills and a better understanding of cause and effect). If you do it in a fun and unique way outdoors, they can gather inspiration even faster!

SunPrint Paper Kit

Sun prints are easy and fun to do, and once your kids see how the shapes of leaves or other objects appear almost magically on the blue paper, they won't believe their eyes! Perfect for stimulating the artistic side of the little ones on sunny days.

LATI TOYS Just Read The Reviews ! Premium DIY Birdhouse kit for Kids to Build

This birdhouse doesn't come pre-assembled as most do. Rather your kid will have to use their skills to put the pieces together (solid wood, a major plus) and then paint it to their liking. A project that they and their winged buddies will love!

CIRO Double-Sided Inflatable Easel

With this double-sided inflatable easel, your kiddos will feel like they're Picasso, stimulating their creativity and imagination as they paint outdoors with the included washable paint. Once your little artists finish their artwork, wash the canvas in a breeze just using water!

You can create a fun, exciting outdoor play experience for your 4-6 year old that will have them begging to go outside!

These unusual outdoor toys will be a breath of fresh air (pun intended) for your kiddos’ playtime and will remind them that there's not just one way to play, but as many ways as people exist in the world. Is there really a better feeling than knowing they'll get their all-important dose of sunlight and Vitamin N (Nature!) they need while having fun? I don't think so!

What about you? Do you have any other recommendations in mind that will get the young ones begging to go outside? Drop your answer in the comments section below. The more unusual toys, the better!

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