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Toy Overload.

Are you experiencing toy overload? Is every corner of your house covered in toys? If you're feeling a sense of overwhelm, then imagine how overwhelmed your kiddo is feeling. It's time to start thinking about quality over quantity.


Parent Overinvolvment.

Do you feel like you are always “on” and have to be your child's entertainment? Giving your child time and space away from you is critical for developing important life skills.


Wasting Money on “educational” toys.

How many battery-operating toys do you have collecting dust? Many mainstream toy companies lead you to believe that their products are “educational,” but often, they aren't…


Play environment.

Do you have a dedicated play space? No matter the size of your space, it's important to be intentional with setting up the play environment. Whether you have a single corner or an entire room, it can be done.

Ready to change the way you see play?


Play Space Consultations

Go from overwhelmed and unsure to balanced and confident that you are providing a carefully curated space for children to learn and grow.


Public Speaking

Need someone in the parenting trenches who can chat all things play and child development? I have participated in panel discussions with industry experts and given virtual talks at parenting conferences.


Media Interviews

If you're working on parenting, education, or play-related article and need insight I'm happy to chat. I provide realistic, authentic advice grounded in current research.

Motherhood is hard. Trying to keep up with Pinterest and Instagram perfection is harder…

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Hi there! I'm Alanna.

I’m a mama to four little ones and the founder of Play. Learn. Thrive.

I am here to tell you that constantly entertaining your littles, setting up daily crafts or sensory bin activities, and trying to keep up with all the hottest educational toys is not only stressful but totally unnecessary.

There is a better way.

A way to set up your environment and choose toys that will encourage active and independent play–giving you back some much-needed time and space.


A variety of digital products to help support purposeful play and help you on your journey to raising confident and independent children.

Purposeful Play Space e-course

$147 USD

Learn how to transform any space into one that promotes independent play.

Simply Play

$9.99 USD

In our world of busy schedules packed with activities, it’s easy to forget the simplicity of one of the basic (but often forgotten) needs of every child: play.

Playroom Makeover Challenge

$9 USD

Can a playroom makeover really makeover your children? Yes. Yes, it can.

Resource Guide: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Play

$7 USD

Everything you need to know to get you started on a more intentional journey towards high-quality play for your child.

Quick Guide to Play Patterns


Why is my kid doing that? A quick guide to understanding, recognizing, and supporting the eight most common play schemas.

How to Limit Screen Time and Keep Your Sanity


Coming soon.

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“Alanna is super friendly and knowledgeable and has allowed me to see the reasons why my children just weren’t playing! I thought it was just the personality of my eldest but in fact, he was just overwhelmed by all of the stuff and it was easier to watch TV than play in the chaos! With Alanna’s help, I have been able to get rid of lots of toys that had little play value but I was hanging on to them ‘just in case. I kept some of our best toys in inaccessible places because they looked pretty and I worried pieces would go missing, everything is now in reach of the children and the quality and duration of imaginative play occurring now is amazing! The boys are playing together regularly and I am able to do some jobs without being disturbed every 5 seconds! Thank you!”

Carleigh, Mom of two

Alanna helped me totally redo our play space for the kids. She redesigned the layout of our living room/play area, helped declutter old toys, and set up a place where my kids had less cluttered toys and more options to use their imagination. The space now is much more functional and encourages creative play for my 3 and 4.5-year-old kids!

Natasha, Mom of two

“Before taking this course I would periodically go through toys the kids weren’t playing with and downsize. I thought this created a clean, less stressful play space. But I wasn’t thinking about purposeful play and didn’t really understand it. What I discovered during the process of my playroom redo was how much my kids enjoyed some of the toys I had hidden away – I went through everything in one day and my kids were happy to play by themselves with Legos and Magnatiles all day! I ended up going through the toys in the kids’ rooms too and felt an emotional clog lifted once we filled an entire truck bed up with toys to donate. Pickup time is shorter and we are all happier now that the toys are more thoughtful and less over-stimulating.”

Shari Stamps, Navigating Parenthood

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