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Feeling overwhelmed and want to declutter, reimagine and reorganize your play space so your child can actually play?

Play. Learn. Thrive. Values


One of our main goals as parents and educators should be to foster independence in our little ones.

Open-Ended Toys

Open-ended toys are ones that encourage active play. Children should be doing 90% of the work during play.

Purposeful Play

Play is how children develop the cognitive, social and emotional skills that allow them to succeed in all things. 

Child-Led Learning

Our goal in parenting and teaching should always be to follow the child’s lead and encourage them down their own path.

Play. Learn. Thrive. Believes

We believe that we can transform the lives of children by encouraging parents to believe in the power of play and empowering them to bring high quality play back to childhood.

  • Children have the right to free and unstructured play.
  • Every child, regardless of socioeconomic status, deserves access to quality, open ended toys that encourage active and developmentally appropriate play.
  • Early childhood education should be focused on following the child, encouraging curiosity and fostering a deep love of learning.
  • Parents are essential partners in creating a society in which play is valued.

Learn to shift your mindset and be more intentional with your child’s toys and play space.​

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Feeling overwhelmed by toys? Want to know the best toys your child’s development and learning? Let me help you declutter, reimagine and reorganize your play space to better serve your child’s needs.

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Need help redesigning an early education play space? Let me help you make your daycare, preschool or public elementary schools a space that makes play a priority.

Partnerships and Speaking

Are you a brand that fosters a love of learning? Does your product promote open ended play? Do you want to work together to bring play back to childhood? I’d love collaborate.

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