I’m Alanna. Teacher and mama to three little wildlings.

I am a lover of muddy feet, an encourager of child-led learning, and above all, a believer in the power of play.

Did you know that play is how kids learn? It is how they develop the cognitive, social, and emotional skills that allow them to succeed in all things. In order to provide the best possible play experience for our children, it’s important for us to shift our mindset to be more intentional about the design of our play spaces and critical of the toys we allow into our homes.

My goal with Play. Learn. Thrive. is to provide you with the education and tools to foster independent and unstructured play in your home.


Do you believe in the power of play?

It almost seems silly. Of course kids should be playing. They are kids. That’s what they do.

But the truth is, kids are NOT playing the way they should be. This can be solved by bringing free and unstructured play back to the forefront of childhood. But this requires us, as parents, to shift our mindset about play and be more intentional about our play spaces and the toys we provide for our children.

Play. Learn. Thrive. Values


One of our main goals as parents and educators should be to foster independence in our little ones.

Open-Ended Toys

Open-ended toys are ones that encourage active play. Children should be doing 90% of the work during play.

Unstructured Play

Did you know that not all play is created equal? There is a big difference between structured and unstructured play.

Child-Led Learning

Our goal in parenting and teaching should always be to follow the child’s lead and encourage them down their own path.

Play. Learn. Thrive. Believes

We believe that we can transform the lives of children by encouraging parents to believe in the power of play and empowering them to bring high quality play back to childhood.

  • Children have the right to free and unstructured play.
  • Every child, regardless of socioeconomic status, deserves access to quality, open ended toys that encourage active and developmentally appropriate play.
  • Early childhood education should be focused on following the child, encouraging curiosity and fostering a deep love of learning.
  • Parents are essential partners in creating a society in which play is valued.

Ready to declutter, reimagine and reorganize your play space? Want to be more intentional about the toys you bring into home or classroom?

How Can I help you?

Declutter. Reimagine. Reorganize.

Here are the strategies and tools to declutter your play space, evaluate toys and reorganize to maximize active play.


Need help? Play. Learn. Thrive. can support you in bringing play back to the forefront of your home or early childhood learning center.

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