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Eight of the best kids outdoor water tables Perfect for toddlers & older children!

If there’s one summer outdoor toy that’s guaranteed to keep the kiddos busy for hours, it is definitely the outdoor water table. This little toy doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be an excellent way to keep your kids busy with an outdoor activity that offers so much more than just some fun playtime.

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And that’s exactly why, we’ve put together this little list of some of the best kids outdoor water tables money can buy, so you don’t have to spend hours looking for the right one. 

Why Buy an Outdoor Water Table?

Outdoor water tables are just what they sound like. They’re small tables that can be set up outdoors, and can be filled with water. Most of the commercially available models today also pack in a lot of fun elements. 

  • They can be a fun outdoor toy for kids, and can also enhance motor skills, stimulate imagination and provide outdoor activity.
  • Engaging in outdoor water play can bring in a lot of benefits for your child. 
  • They can stimulate the senses through sight, sound and touch.
  • They can encouraging role playing and can keep children entertained outdoors. 
  • It can be an excellent way to enjoy some outdoor family time
  • You can also utilize it as an opportunity to teach older children about liquid volume displacement
  • The use of a water table has also been found to enhance development of motor skills and hand–eye–foot coordination in children.       

If you’re on the hunt for a kids outdoor water table, there might be a few things you might need to consider. First, the length of time outdoor water play set will be used for. 

If your outdoor table is going to be used during summer months only, it may not need to withstand heavy use over many years. 

However, if children are younger and you’re planning to use the water table regularly, you may want to ensure that the outdoor toy table will last through many summers worth of fun. Also remember to check if the legs are adjustable so that height can be altered as your child grows.

What Ages Are Water and Sand Tables Best For?

Water and sand tables are outdoor toys that allow kids to work on outdoor play skills in a safe outdoor environment. However, they may not be suitable for all age groups. In particular, water tables for toddlers can be dangerous since they can pose the risk of drowning.

Can Older Children Use a Water Table Too?

Children, up to 6-7 years of age can use the water table and enjoy all the playtime that comes with it. While the whole idea of a water table is actually to help younger children enjoy sensory play, it can also be a great way of keeping older kids busy and spend some time outdoors. 

How Do Water Tables Encourage Different Types of Play?

Setting up an outdoor water table for your kids isn’t just about letting them enjoy the sensory experience. It is so much more! A lot of these tables have accessories and add-ons that let children enjoy some fun pretend-play time, and even just explore the concepts of cause and effect. 

Plus, it can also offer your child an interactive learning experience. 

How Does Water and Sensory Play Help a Child's Development?

Children's outdoor water play has been shown to aid in many different areas of development including: creativity, social skills, language development, hand/eye coordination, fine motor skills and sensory integration.     

While outdoor water play may seem like a “not-so-typical” type of playtime activity for young children, there is much more to it than meets the eye. These water tables encourage young children to explore their surroundings using multiple senses (sight, touch and sound). 

What to Look For in a Water Table

When picking a kids water play table, there are a few things you might need to keep in mind. 

Check how easy it is to drain. Some outdoor water tables have very small drains that can easily be blocked by sand and leaves, which means you’ll have to spend time unclogging the drain every time the outdoor water table is used. 

Another important factor to consider is the size. Kids outdoor water tables come in different sizes, but most of them are designed to be used for one child at a time. If you have two or more children, it may be necessary for each child to have their own outdoor water table or set up several outdoor water tables around your yard.

When choosing a water and sand play table, look for one that is BPA-free and safe for use for kids.  

What Can I Put in My Water Table Besides Water?

Don’t limit the use of the outdoor water table to just water. There are many other items you can add to the table to let your kids enjoy some time with sensory play.


Sand or even just soil from the backyard can be a great item for your toddler to explore along with water on the water table. Of course, it means everything’s going to be a bigger mess, but it is this mess that is one of the purest forms of sensory play for children. 

Play Balls

Outdoor balls that are large enough to not fit in the drain can again, be an excellent choice as an addition to your kid’s water play table. 


If you have sponges lying around, throw them into the water table for kids to play with as well! You could even buy outdoor sponges designed specifically for water tables – they're usually brightly colored and squishy. They'll love playing with these softer materials!

Bubbles/Soap Solution

Fill up an old shampoo bottle (or something similar) with soap and water, then let your child play with the bubbles by dipping a bubble wand into it. So much fun!

Seven Of The Best Water and Sand Tables

Ready to finally make the purchase? Here’s helping you with just that. Scroll down to find some of the best budget-friendly and top-rated outdoor sand and water tables for kids. 

The Best Budget Kids Outdoor Water Table

With a ton of options available, you can get yourself a kid’s outdoor water table that fits your budget too. Here are a few good options to consider. 

ToyVelt Sand Water Table for Toddlers

Super budget-friendly and excellent to encourage creative and sensory play in kids between 2-10 years of age, this water table is great for both indoor and outdoor play. It also packs in a lot of accessories, scoops, and items, and since it is small-sized, it can be great to carry along at the beach too. 

Little Tikes Fish ‘n Splash Water Table White

Here’s another fun and super durable water table that you can get your hands on for less than $50. It comes with a water cup, a fishing rod, some floating toys, and more. Plus, the draining system on this children’s sand and water table is really good. 

The Best Water Table With Sand For Sensory Play

On the hunt for an outdoor water table that packs in some sensory play elements too? Here’s one of the best we found!

TEMI Sand Water Table Outdoor Toy

Priced affordably and designed just right, this sand and water table offers children a chance to enjoy multiple sensory exploration opportunities. It is crafted in safe and durable material and also packs in 27 accessories for loads of fun time outdoors. 

The Best Water Table With Umbrella For Summer Days

While spending time outdoors on those warm summer days is exactly what you’d want your kiddos to do, you also need to make sure they’re well protected. Getting a water table with an umbrella could be a good idea. Here are a couple of good options to pick from. 

Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table

With two levels of water activities and a nice umbrella to provide some shade from the hot summer sun, this large water table can offer some nice outdoor playtime for your kids. 

Costzon Kids Sand and Water Table

This two-in-one water and sand table comes with 18 accessories and an umbrella that makes it an excellent all-in-one choice to opt for if you’re looking for that one outdoor water table that does it all. 

The Best Multipurpose Water Table for Indoor & Outdoor Use

While some water tables work best outdoors, others are designed in a way that you can set them up both indoors and outdoors, which makes them an excellent choice if you plan to set them up in your child’s playroom. Here are a few of the best ones money can buy!

Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall

This one might not seem like most other kid’s outdoor water tables out there, but that’s the point! You can get this set up practically anywhere and let your kids enjoy some fun STEM learning time. What’s more, it is super easy to clean too! 

The Best Water Table and Sand Table for Older Kids

Looking for something for your kiddo who isn’t a toddler anymore? Here’s a good pick worth investing in. 

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship

This pirate-themed water and sand play table is worth getting your hands on if you don’t mind spending a bit more. Unlike most other play tables, this one has a lot of moving and spinning features and has a lot of potential for different activities that your kids can enjoy outdoors. 

How to Clean and Care for Your Sand and Water Table

Ready to finally hit ‘Buy’? Here’s everything you need to know about cleaning the sand and water table once it is here. 

How Do I Keep my Water Table Clean?

Cleanup after playtime is one of the most dreaded tasks ever. Right? Just keep these little tips in mind to make the post-play cleaning less effortful. 

Disassemble Each Part of the Table after Use

It may seem like a lot of work, but it isn’t. Once your kid finishes using its outdoor toy, make sure that you take out all its contents like water and sand before putting it away. This will prevent mold from building up which can damage the table.

Clean It Regularly

Certain outdoor water toys can accumulate debris like leaves, twigs, and even dust after they've been used for some time. This dirt can make the water dirty which isn’t safe for your kiddo. You might want to give your outdoor toy a thorough cleaning once a month, especially if your kiddo loves playing with sand all the time

Cover Or Put Away When Not In Use

After giving your outdoor water table a thorough cleaning to remove all its existing debris and mold, you can now store it in your kid’s outdoor play structure or playhouse. If you don't want to put it away, consider covering it up with a waterproof sheet. This will protect the table from dirt and debris that may fall onto its surface.

Also, remember to let it dry completely before putting it together

Water and Sand Tables are great not only for toddlers but older children as well- offering sensory play and fun indoor and out!

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