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The Best Pikler Triangle: Why You Need One for Your Kids

If you are looking for the best pikler triangle for your kids, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of the pikler triangle and why it is such an essential toy for your child’s developmental growth. Keep reading to learn more about one of the essential toys for your child's play space.

What is a pikler triangle?

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In simple terms, a pikler triangle is a wooden, climbable triangular frame for toddlers. These small climbing structures are specially designed for younger children who are not quite ready to use a full-sized playground set. Most playgrounds with slides, swings, and climbing levels, are designed for kids who have already developed gross motor skills. The use of a pikler triangle is a great way to get your child started learning these skills so that they are able to play on a larger playground both safely and appropriately. 

A pikler triangle is a beginner climbing triangle that will help your child learn age-appropriate gross motor and coordination skills in a safe way. These climbing triangles have recently become more popular, especially in Montessori schools, but they have actually been around for about 100 years.

They were created by Dr. Emmi Pikler who was a Hungarian pediatrician. She believed that through open-ended play on a wooden climbing triangle, kids could develop multiple important developmental skills all at the same time. Maria Montessori was also a believer in the benefits of the Pikler Triangle, which is why you can find them in many different Montessori schools. 

Pikler triangles are appropriate for children as young as six months, all the way up to children who are around 4 or 5 years old. It can be used either inside or outside. If you have an infant and want to go ahead and purchase a pikler triangle, you can actually attach sensory toys to them that they can play with at an even younger age to begin developing skills. 

What are the benefits of a pikler triangle?

There are many benefits of letting your toddler use a pikler triangle. Climbing on these triangles creates spatial awareness, contributes to physical strength, and helps them develop gross motor skills as well as coordination skills.

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Gross Motor Skills

Because your child will use their arms, legs, and torso all at the same time when they are playing and climbing on a pikler triangle, they are able to develop gross motor skills in an appropriate and safe way. This is also true for younger children, even if they are not big enough to play on it yet. They can use it to pull up which helps them develop body strength. This is a great way to get them started building gross motor skills before they even start walking. Motor development is an important stepping stone for little ones, and climbing on a Pikler Triangle is a fun way for them to develop these skills. 

Coordination Skills

A pikler triangle will help your child learn the necessary coordination skills. As they climb more and more, you will notice that their coordination skills improve, especially their hand-eye coordination. They will have such a sense of accomplishment when they are coordinated and confident enough to climb all the way up and over the triangle and down the other side. 

Cognitive Benefits

A climbing triangle is a great way for your little one to begin learning to assess risk. By climbing the rungs, they are able to figure out what will happen if they miss one or try to skip one. It is also a good way to reduce stress for toddlers. Climbing these triangles is a form of exercise that will release serotonin, which boosts their mood. It is also good for their mental health to be able to have something active to do indoors on days when they cannot go play outside.

Balance Control

A wooden Pikler Triangle is very beneficial for helping children gain balance control. As they work their way up the side of the triangle, they will learn how to better balance themselves. This is even true for kids who cannot walk yet. They can learn to pull themselves up on the triangle and begin to balance, which will be very helpful for them when they do begin to walk.

Spatial Awareness

By letting toddlers explore the triangle on their own, they are able to develop spatial awareness at an early age. They will learn how far they need to reach or step to reach the next level. This is a necessary skill that will help them improve their gross motor skills as a whole and become more coordinated.

 Physical Strength

Because climbing a natural wood pikler triangle is a physical activity, your child is building strength as they are climbing. Using one of these triangles will increase strength in their legs, their arms, and even in their torso. 

Where can you buy a pikler triangle?

There are many different places where you can buy a pikler triangle, but they all have different prices, qualities, and features, like rope ladders, balance boards, balance beams, or even climbing ramps.

 Wiwiurka Toys

Wiwiurka Toys has a lot of different pikler triangles to choose from. This Foldable Climbing Triangle has rainbow rungs, making it a nice added pop of color in your playroom. This is their most basic pikler triangle and has three different size options. These can easily be folded up and stored away when they are not being used by your children. If you want to put your pikler triangle outdoors, they also offer this high-quality Outdoor Wooden Pikler Triangle.


Target has a very basic pikler triangle available on their website. It is a very simple triangle with rungs on each side like a ladder. It is a nice, budget-friendly option. It is also a good option if you want one that will not take up too much room in your home.


Wayfair has a large pikler triangle available on their website. The price is a little on the higher end, but this one does have the added benefit of being able to fold up to be more compact when it is not being used by your toddlers. 


Amazon also offers a budget-friendly wooden Pikler triangle. This multipurpose triangle also comes with a cloth that goes over the top to turn it into a tent. It has rainbow rungs and is foldable so it can be put away when it is not being used. 

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What is the best pikler triangle on the market?

The best pikler triangle on the market is the Wiwiurka Pikler Foldable Climbing Triangle. It is made from high-quality wood, comes in several different color varieties, and offers three different size options. It is also very easy to assemble. You can choose if you want it made out of plywood or from high-grade pine wood. This triangle can be used as early as infancy. Your child can lay underneath it and begin learning overhead reaching and kicking in a safe way.

Wiwiurka also offers expansions that can turn this into more than just the basic climbing triangle. This Rock Climbing Ramp is a fun addition for your older toddlers. It also comes in a variety of color options.

For something even larger, Wiwiurka has this wooden Climbing Furniture Combo. It comes in 9 different color options! They also sell replacement rungs, so if you change your mind on the colors, you can always switch them out. This specific set comes with a medium foldable triangle, a reversible ramp, and a climbing arch. All three pieces can be connected together. Divided up into smaller pieces, this climbing combo can be appropriate for any age.

If you really want to expand your pikler triangle, Wiwiurka also offers this Jungle Gym Set of 3 Pieces for Kids. Your kids can spend hours having fun on this jungle gym set! This wooden set comes with a rocker, a reversible ramp/slide or the rock climbing ramp, and a large foldable triangle. This 3-in-1 pikler triangle comes with so many different benefits for your toddlers. How fun!

Why are pikler triangles so expensive?

To get the best quality pikler triangle, you may spend quite a bit of money upfront, but the benefits definitely outweigh the cost. Because pikler triangles are made from high-quality wood, they tend to be more on the expensive end. The pikler triangles from Wiwiurka are made from high-quality plywood and high-grade pine wood. They are also painted with non-toxic paint, which can cost more. It also takes a very skilled person to build the pikler triangle, which also adds to the cost.

But keep in mind that because they are so high quality, they are built to last. You will be able to use one of these triangles for all of your children, and then pass it on to others or even hang on to it for future generations. 

What is the difference between a climbing triangle and a pikler triangle?

Pikler triangles and climbing triangles are essentially the same thing. A pikler triangle specifically will have rungs on each side that your child can climb up, over, and down the other side. These indoor climbing triangles usually also have accessory additions, such as a climbing ramp or a rock climbing addition. They are often also called wooden triangle climbers or indoor climbing triangles.

How tall should a pikler triangle be?

If your child is a baby and you are considering purchasing a pikler triangle, you will want to start out with a smaller one. Older children may want to use the tallest pikler triangles. Wiwiurka offers three different size options – small, medium, and large. The small is best for kids ages 9 months to 4 years old, the medium is appropriate for ages 1 to 5, and the large is best for kids ages 2 years old all the way up to 7 years old. The weight limit for the medium and large is 100 pounds, and the weight limit for the small is 90 pounds. All three sizes are made from very sturdy, durable wood.

Are pikler triangles safe?

Wooden triangle climbers are a safe way for your kid to begin to explore and build up gross motor skills. They will love climbing, and you will enjoy seeing their satisfaction once they have figured out how to climb all the way up and over the climbing triangle. It is a natural instinct for babies and toddlers to want to climb things as they get older. By giving them a pikler triangle to climb, you are giving them a safe space where they can explore. 

What are the risks of using a pikler triangle?

Once you give your kids the triangle, you will want to teach them triangle safety. Show them how to safely climb the folding triangle. As with anything that your kid climbs, there is always a risk of your child falling, but the pikler triangle encourages them not to.

They can start by only climbing a few rungs, and not go to the top until they are confident enough in their coordination skills to reach it.

If your child falling off of the triangle is a concern for you, be sure that you keep your Pikler Triangle on a soft surface. This can be carpet, foam square flooring, or even outside in the grass. You can also put it on top of a padded mat for some extra cushion, but make sure that it is able to sit sturdily enough that it will not wobble or fall.

Pikler triangles are a safe, fun way for kids to start learning to climb and develop gross motor skills, while also boosting their spatial awareness, cognitive skills, and even their body strength. Wiwiurka offers many high-quality pikler triangle options in various sizes and colors, and with many different attachments.

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