open ended play

  • Amazon Prime Deals to Promote Play

    Amazon Prime Day is here–and everyone is buying all the things. Many of the items that are a part of Amazon Prime Day are toys that are either not from reputable (aka safe) brands or are electronic-based toys like Leap Frogs or V-Tech, which you know I’m not about. Here is a list of 10…

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  • Are Pikler triangles worth it? abso-freakin-lutely

    Are Pikler triangles worth it? abso-freakin-lutely So what is this magic triangle that seems to be in every playroom on Instagram?  It’s a Pikler triangle and there are some great reasons why so many moms are falling in love with them.   You may be wondering if Pikler triangles are worth it? And I say abso-freakin-lutely. …

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  • Open-ended toy myths, BUSTED

    Everyone is talking about open-ended toys. It’s no secret anymore that all toys are NOT created equal. Everyday you scroll social media and see playrooms full of carefully curated open-ended toys and children playing peacefully.  There are many benefits to open-ended toys and providing our children with open-ended toys should be top of mind. That…

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  • 4 Benefits of Play Dough

    three small pictures featuring jars of play dough with the caption 4 benefits of play dough

    Hi guys! It’s Chelsea, the Founder of The Dough Project, here to talk about the awesome things that come from playing with dough. But first, a little bit about me and my background in early childhood education! I started The Dough Project as a preschool teacher in NYC. Year after year, making dough was my…

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