Why uninterrupted Play in Early Childhood is Important for Raising Self-Sufficient Kids

Imagine that you have a new hobby and you are loving it so much. You sit down to figure out a new aspect of the hobby through trial and error.

But then your partner, parent, or friend walks in and tells you that you need to stop doing that and do something they deem more important right now.

How would you feel?  Frustrated?  Angry?  Resentful?

This is the same way children feel when we interrupt their play when they are focused and playing.

If we allow children to have uninterrupted play in early childhood they grow to be more self-sufficient kids because they develop better focus, problem-solving, social-emotional skills and so much more.

What is uninterrupted play exactly?

Uninterrupted play is allowing children to play without redirection or interruption as long as the play is age-appropriate and safe.

Why is uninterrupted play important in early childhood development?

Because play is the work of childhood, uninterrupted childhood play is vital.   Children need play to work through feelings, ideas, and even things they are learning. When children are given unstructured and uninterrupted play they can choose to explore ideas through trial and error.

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