Why Should Your Kids Play With Open-Ended Toys?

When your kids play, do they play with open-ended toys or traditional toys? There are lots and lots of perks of open-ended toys.

That’s what we’re breaking down on The Play. Learn. Thrive. Show this week. This is the podcast where parents learn ways to help their kids become self-confident, self-directed, and self-assured through purposeful play.

Hear from Sarah Lee why open-ended toys are better than traditional toys, the best kind of open-ended toys for kids, what you can do to inspire imagination in your kids, how alternative schools compare to traditional schools, and the story behind Sarah’s Silks.

I loooved Sarah’s ideas for fostering your kids’ imagination with the help of toys. There’s tons of other fun tips on play as well. Check out the episode and show notes below for much more detail.

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