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7 Signs

You’ve tried everything to settle your baby but they are still fussy and cranky. It is frustrating for both of you. All you want is for them to calm down and be happy. So what is going on?

Your baby is likely overstimulated. Let’s talk about the signs your baby is overstimulated, the effects of overstimulation in infants, and how to soothe them once they are overwhelmed.

What Is Overstimulation in infants & How does it affect them?

Overstimulation in babies occurs when the environment is too much for them to handle. Babies come from the warm, cozy, dark womb and are thrust into the bright, loud, and chaotic world.

What Causes Overstimulation in Infants?

Sensory overload occurs when a person’s brain cannot cope with stimuli such as noises, activity, and light.  In infants, the threshold is much lower since all the sensations are new and the brain has to develop new pathways for everything.

Is It Possible to Overstimulate a Newborn?

It’s absolutely possible for a newborn to become overstimulated. Most babies get overstimulated at one time or another.  In fact, you could actually be causing it without  even knowing.

Why does my baby get overstimulated so easily?

While adults and even children are used to the world around them, babies are less accustomed to everything around them.

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