need play, too


Pre-teens and teens are deep thinkers. These adolescents are very serious and dedicated to figuring out what the world is about and how they fit into it. Physical and mental changes make this can be an exciting and challenging time for youth.

They need opportunities not only to blow off steam, but to play and develop their creativity. Yes, big kids need play, too!

Socialization and Play

Many teens and tweens have their own devices to connect to others digitally. Encouraging your older kids to connect with their peers offline when it’s safe to do so is so important for their mental health and well-being.

Encourage your tweens and teens to get outside, hang out with neighborhood kids (when it’s safe), and explore. Let go of the fear that they will get in trouble or get hurt. Riding bikes, taking a walk in a nearby park, or going fishing are playful activities that get the body moving and teens playing!

Exercise and Play

There are few young adults that wouldn’t be ready to start creating and playing with materials if you started a Rube Goldberg machine with some ping pong balls, dominos, cardboard and masking tape. Sometimes all it takes is permission to encourage sensory and constructive play.

Tinker and Play Like a Child

Kids are also so creative and want to put on a show. There’s a reason TikTok is so popular! Channel this ability into doing some fun drama games. Charades can be corny for youth sometimes, so have the kids come up with some guessing games that incorporate creating characters and personalities based on celebrities or family members

Pretend Play

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