Q: When to introduce your child to a Smartphone or Tablet?


With technology becoming more and more a part of everyday life, it may seem like a good choice to introduce your child to technology early.

But studies show that early smartphone usage can lead to technology addiction and other problematic behavior.

How technology influences a child’s behavior and development

Technology can adversely affect a child’s development. Not only can early introduction lead to technology addiction, but it shows no actual benefit to any early educational improvement over traditional learning in face to face methods.

Are you buying a tablet just to entertain your child?

Children who are always entertained, never learn to sustain themselves through periods of boredom to develop grit and persistence.

Who is benefiting from the tablet or smartphone?

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The parent is the person who benefits the most from giving a child a device. The parent is getting some quiet, more contained behavior while they attend to something they need to attend to.

Does your child really NEED IT?

Most experts agree that children under the age of preschool do not need any technology, especially tablets or smartphones.

What to get instead of a smartphone or tablet for growth and development?

Children should be learning through interacting with their world.  Playing with open ended toys and having time to explore outdoors.

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