What Should A Three-Year-Old Know

You may have survived the terrible twos, and might be wondering what’s coming next. 

As your child is approaching their third birthday, you might be thinking about their developmental milestones and what should a three-year-old know.

It is during this age that they will learn a lot about themselves and the world around them, and pick up on many important physical, mental and emotional skills that will help them in the later years of their life.

What Should a Three Year Old Know?

By three years of age, your child will be able to identify some basic shapes such as square, circle, rectangle and triangle.

What Shapes Should a Three Year Old Know

Three-year-old children are usually able to say their name and age, when they are asked, answer questions, speak simple sentences that have five or six words to get the message across, and even tell stories at times.

What Words Should a Three Year Old Know

At the age of three years, your child should be able to point out a color when you ask them to, and before they are four, they should also be able to name a few colors

What Colors Should a Three Year Old Know

Key Three Year Old Milestones Checklist

Children between 3-4 years of age should typically be able to meet these developmental milestones

– Your child can stack and build a tower of 8 – 10 blocks. – They may have a vocabulary of 200+ words.

– They may be able to name their body parts- for example- hair, nose, eyes, shoulders.

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