What Are the Benefits of

Sensory Play?

Do your kids enjoy sensory play? Did you know how many benefits there are to sensory play?

That’s what we’re chatting about on The Play. Learn. Thrive. Show this week. This is the podcast where parents learn ways to help their kids become self-confident, self-directed, and self-assured through purposeful play.

In this episode we’re talking the benefits of sensory play with Julie Friedman – Founder of Young, Wild & Friedman and fellow mom of four. You’ll dig her energy and creativity when it comes to sensory toys for kids.

We'll cover how Julie comes up with her themes...

how long your kids should play at a time...

And how to get your kids to be quiet.

This episode covers everything from starting a children’s toy business to quiet time for your kids.

Here’s a small sample of what you will hear in this episode: – What is Young, Wild & Friedman? – How did Julie start her business? – What benefits did her daughter see from sensory play? – How does Julie’s subscription service work? – What do the sensory kits have in them? – How long should kids play with sensory kits? – What is kinetic sand? – Are Julie’s sensory bins scented?

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