Understanding developmental leaps

Developmental leaps. What are they? Why should I care about them?

They are one of the biggest factors that will impact your infants behavior from birth to about 18 months–from their mood to their sleep

My 5.5 month old is currently going through a “leap”–she is super clingy, fussier than normal, constantly wanting to nurse but just sort of staring into space half the time–just generally acting a little off.

What is a “developmental leap”?

A developmental leap is a time during infancy when a baby is going through a big change in their understanding of the world and how things work. During this time your baby will begin to develop new skills.

Why should I care about “leaps”?

So you can stop stressing so much! Often times knowing that your baby is about to go through or in the process of going through a leap will calm your nerves.

When you notice your little is a little off it could be a sign they are going through a leap–and it’s always reassuring to have some knowledge about WHY they are acting the way they are….

What should I be looking for?

– Crankiness – Clinginess (Wanting to be held more than normal) – Crying/Fussing

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