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Tips to Help Your Child Build Language Skills

Parents are always looking for ways to help their children develop the best language skills possible.

Keep in mind that developmental milestones often have a normal range–this is also true for speech development.

Please make sure you reach out to a local speech-language pathologist for support if you feel a speech delay or your child doesn’t meet a language milestone.

How to help a 3-year-old who is not talking but understands everything

It can feel like an uphill battle with language delays, but children with speech delays need patience and support. Teaching children about language is vital to their development, even if they can’t speak yet.

What should I do when my toddler only speaks gibberish?

Try not to worry about them getting things right–pay attention to their non-verbal communication and tone of voice. Understand that everyday situations can be learning opportunities.

What to do if your child is not talking and they are getting frustrated?

One of the first things you’ll want to do when this happens is to make sure it’s just a temporary phase – some kids will start speaking early while others may be slow at picking up on oral language skills.

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