The Best Toys for Kids of All Ages

Are you a parent of more than one child? There are plenty of houses out there just like yours, with children running around cheerfully with their many playthings.

TOO MANY playthings, it seems. In order to reduce the number of toys and create some organization in your home it makes sense to have toys for kids that can span multiple ages.

Children need toys for growth and development. Plus, toys KEEP THEM BUSY – which is no small thing!

But enough is enough, right?  You have MORE THAN ENOUGH toys!

Reducing the number of toys is not only possible, but can result in just as many happy, contented children actively engaged in productive play.

The key to getting the right result is choosing a multi-age toy that meets the needs of more than one child.

The Right Multi-Age Toy for Many Developmental Stages

Children progress through many developmental stages as they mature. The important takeaway is that while children develop skills and abilities in roughly the same order, the timeframes are not exact.

These are the commonly held developmental stages: – Baby: Birth to twelve months – Toddler: One year to three years – Preschooler: Three to five years – Grade schooler: five to twelve years   – Teen: Twelve to eighteen years

Your Kids Should Have This Multi-Age Toy!

Blocks These open-ended toys are versatile, durable and satisfy the developmental needs of a variety of ages.


Vehicles are a big hit with children of all developmental stages and a great example of a multi-age toy! Cars and trucks are obvious choices, but remember to include buses, trains, boats, and more.

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