Pros and cons  of utilizing a Montessori-Style floor bed

A Montessori floor bed is actually nothing but a floor bed set up with the general principles of the Montessori method in mind.

It allows you to have your child sleep on the floor while still being safe, as opposed to co-sleeping or sleeping in a crib.

The bed usually does not have any railings and is close enough to the floor, so that a baby can climb in and get out without any risks.

Why Use a Montessori Floor Bed?

The use of the floor bed lends the child freedom to explore and move around independently- something that cannot be done when the child is in a crib.

Floor beds provide a safe and healthy sleeping environment that nurtures the child, rather than restricting and obstructing him.

Why Does Montessori Have Floor Beds?

When Can a Baby Sleep in a Floor Bed?

If you’re wondering when can a baby start sleeping in a floor bed, well, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this one. You can start the transition as early as 6 months of age, however, the AAP does not recommend placing infants to bed at all until they are one year old.

How to Make a Montessori Floor Bed?

Instead of going ahead and purchasing one, look within your home and check if there’s a mattress that you can repurpose and set up as a floor bed for your child.

Are Montessori Floor Beds Safe?

While it might be scary to think of leaving your baby unattended, especially when you are asleep, remember that floor beds are generally safe. They are set up in a way that eliminates any potential hazards that could be within your baby’s reach.

Children should be able to get out of their beds on their own when they are ready without assistance from an adult because that helps develop confidence and independence.

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