Outdoor Play:  Why Does it Matter?

Research shows that the average American kid only spend 4-7 minutes in outdoor playing. Yet they spend 7 plus hours of time per day in front of a screen.

This lack of time outside in unstructured play (no, organized sports don’t count…) is detrimental to our kids.

To their health, their happiness, their creativity, their attention spans, their social, emotional and academic skills.

The research states, “children who experienced the biggest increase in green space near their home after moving improved their cognitive functioning more than those who moved to areas with fewer natural resources nearby (Environment and Behavior (Vol. 32, No. 6).

Studies have also found that the presence of nearby nature bolsters a child’s resilience against stress and adversity, particularly among those children who experience a high level of stress.

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Benefits of Outdoor Play

– Physically healthier kids (better immunity, less obesity, more physical strength)

– Mentally healthier kids (less anxiety, less depression, better moods and sleep)

– Increase in attention span and creativity– Increase in attention span and creativity

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