Must-Have Montessori-Inspired Toys

You’ve done the research and read the articles about Maria Montessori, and know the benefits of open-ended toys.

As you visit the toy store, though, it’s still very overwhelming – what should you buy? These must-have Montessori-inspired toys are just what your tired old toy collection needs!

The Best Montessori Toy for an Infant

Infants find the Skwish Rattle highly engaging on many levels. A perfect example of a Montessori toy, this teether/rattle combination is made of wood, elastic string, and bells.

The rattle comes both in a natural wood finish and also a colorful, non-toxic, water-based finish.

The Skwish Rattle’s design makes it easy to grasp, and the wooden dowels and bells are fun for babies to manipulate.

Another great toy is the even simpler-style Bell Rattle. This rattle’s simplicity and functionality make it a perfect Montessori toy.

It fits perfectly into an infant’s tiny hands. Its light, compact design means that baby can make music all by himself!

The Rattling Roller is perfect for the baby who’s becoming mobile. This roller’s colors, motion and sound will intrigue your baby to crawl in order to chase it all over the floor.

Which Toys Do Toddlers Love?

Toddlers have different play needs than infants. These toys will help them to learn more about the world every day.

The Object Permanence Box is a sturdy, simple wooden box and ball that will keep a toddler busy!

A child begins learning about object permanence between four and seven months of age, and it remains quite a point of curiosity. This toy allows repeated, endless investigation of where exactly that ball goes.

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