11 Music and Movement Activities for Infants and Toddlers

Toddlers can also benefit a lot from music and movement activities. These activities can help boost receptive language skills, fine motor skills, play and creativity abilities, and all the necessary skills and areas for toddlers to gain confidence in before beginning school.

Exposure to music was also found to increase motivation for other learning activities and offer benefits for not just those with learning differences but provide a positive influence on all children who are exposed to it from an early age.

How Does Music Support Learning Outcomes?

There are tons of studies that have shown that music can positively impact the academic performance of learners in a number of ways.

Some of the benefits of introducing music at an early age in life include an increased ability to memorize information and concepts, improved vocabulary and conceptual knowledge about topics being studied, improved literacy skills, improved behavior by incorporating song lyrics with positive messages...

How Does Music Help Infants?

Infants are able to pick up on things around them almost immediately after birth. Everything from the sound of your voice, what you sing to them, the music they hear on TV or radio can all contribute to their development.

Music and movement activities for babies can be lots of fun and can also help foster the bond between the parent and child. Here are some good activities you can get started with.

Best Music Activities For Infants

Start with any song to sing to, and encourage your baby to dance and wiggle to it, until you use the word ‘STOP.’ Depending on your baby’s age, you might need to demonstrate this a few times.

Use fingers to demonstrate numbers when singing a song or a rhyme. This simple activity can help enhance your baby’s pre-math skills.

Sing songs together that reinforce certain behaviors and actions.

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