Start Sharing?

When do kids start sharing?

The word ‘sharing‘ does not mean to a young child what it means to an adult.

To a very young child, ‘sharing’ is when he has to give his very favorite toy to another child.

The idea that ‘sharing is caring’ simply doesn’t apply to toddlers. They don’t understand the concept, and are completely unable to put it into practice.

‘Sharing’ actually may as well be stealing from a toddler’s perspective.

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But MY Toddler Shares!

No, he doesn’t. Yes, maybe he gives you a bite of his donut. Perhaps he brings you a block from time to time. This is not sharing.

More likely, the child is seeking approval and looking for the positive feedback that comes when you enjoy a morsel of Krispy Kreme.

Some children will even hold out a toy and then withdraw it, testing the waters during social interaction. It’s not sharing.

When Do Kids Start Sharing?

Around the age of two, most children recognize the concept of ownership and will protest if someone tries to take their toy away.

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