How to keep kids busy at home & Your Sanity Intact

Scenario: You’re standing in the kitchen trying to get dinner ready, sorting through all of your end of day thoughts and you hear a whine from behind… “MOOOOOM I”M BOOOORED!”

You slowly turn around gritting your teeth while locking eye contact and force a smile.. “Why don’t you go play with your toys? I am trying to cook dinner.”

“But, MOOOOM I don’t like any of those toys they are all bORing!” You sigh and wonder where you went wrong and WHY your child will not play by themselves!?

With everything kids have access to in today’s technologically driven world, how could they possibly be bored? How could a child with every hot new toy under the sun have trouble playing?

WHY do they always need you to play with them? Can’t you just cook dinner for once!!

Parents are dealing with this more and more frequently. And report it starting earlier and earlier in childhood.

A 1.5-year-old should not be bored, they should be thriving, exploring, and into everything!

Earlier today I came across another mom of a 6-month-old asking for ideas to keep him entertained–expressing that she had “done” everything she could think to do for him.

So let’s talk about this whole idea of keeping kids busy. In theory, this is well-intentioned, but in practice, it is deeply, deeply flawed.

So flawed that we are setting our children up for a hard life lesson later down the line. Let me free you from the chains of guilt, and just lay it all out there.  Are you ready to break free?

Here ya go…. Children do NOT need to be, nor should they be, hovered over or have every minute of the day perfectly choreographed for them

You are NOT responsible for keeping your child entertained.. So go ahead let them be bored! Let them figure out how to keep themselves busy and stop the Mom guilt.

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