The Importance  of the

Sibling Relationship 

Siblings need to have a good relationship because they are the only people in the world who grow up with you and can be lifelong friends and support.

They can keep secrets about you that no one else knows, and they can understand your jokes better than anyone else.

Being a sibling also means having someone tell your most private thoughts and feelings and know that it will go no further. Having close bonds with your siblings is crucial to living happy, healthy lives.

What is a good sibling relationship?

A good sibling relationship all boils down to one thing – respect.

Respect is the glue that keeps relationships strong. In a good sibling relationship, siblings understand that they have different thoughts and opinions, good and bad days, but communication is critical.

What is a bad sibling relationship?

A bad sibling relationship is characterized by constant fighting, not being there for each other, and being selfish. And this can extend from childhood into adulthood, where the children grow up and never talk to each other.

Benefits of sibling relationships

When positive relationships develop between siblings, they can have long-lasting effects on physical and emotional health.  Positive relationships can have a big effect on a child’s ability to learn and develop interpersonal skills.

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