About Your Child's

You’re so busy doing the maintenance work – changing the diapers, making the meals, bandaging the knees.

But do you actually know what makes your child tick?

What do you know about your child’s interests?

Let’s talk about why you would need to know these things The thought behind Child-Led Learning is that when a child is in charge of her own learning, her engagement is much higher.

This increased engagement results in more motivation and ultimately better learning.

Knowing that play is the work of the child, it’s helpful to acknowledge that what may look like play to most of us, is actually how the child is learning about the world around her.

You as the parent know your child better than anyone else. So how can you get a handle on what your child’s interests are?

In short, be present. Often we as parents are pulled in so many directions we find it difficult to stop multi-tasking long enough to take in our surroundings in any more than a cursory way.

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