How Many Toys DOes a Child Really Need?

I’ve got a question for you: what shape is your family room/living room/play room in right now? Come on…stand up and walk over….take a look.

Can you safely and easily walk from one end to the other? Is there a path? Or is the room littered with various toys from Fisher Price?

Are you in danger of stepping on blocks, balls, and baby dolls by the dozens? It’s time. It’s time to take a look at your toy situation.

Why the Amount of Toys Matters

Why are we assessing our toy inventories? Toys are great for kids, and also a way for friends and relatives to show their love on birthdays and holidays

So what does it matter if my toddler has five, twenty-five, or seventy-five toys?

There are many reasons that support reducing the number of toys in your play environment, one of which is directly connected to your stress level.

Did you know that clutter is connected to stress and anxiety?  It’s true.

Minimizing our toy collection isn’t just a fad organizational strategy.

Research Shows Number of Toys Influences Quality of Play

What exactly is ‘quality of play’?  This phrase refers to a few aspects of play, including how long a child plays with a toy, and what the play is like

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