How Do You Help Your Child Develop on Their Own?

How do you know how your child is developing?

And what’s the best way to help them develop on their own?

That’s what we’re chatting about on The Play. Learn. Thrive. Show

This is the podcast where parents learn ways to help their kids become self-confident, self-directed, and self-assured through purposeful play.

How can you encourage optimal child development?

Hear the best ways to set your kid up to learn and grow on their own, how to track how your child is developing, celebrate the small wins along the way, do tummy time right, and what your kids have in common with rotisserie chicken.

Here’s a small sample of what you will hear in this episode:

– What is a motor milestone? – How do you identify sleep regression?

– What are some of the smaller milestones? – How much should you do to encourage your child’s skill development? 

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– What are containers? – Which containers are okay to use?

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