Helping  Your Child



We like to think we foster independence in our children. We let them make decisions and force them to live with the consequences. You forgot your water bottle, and now you’re thirsty? Well, I bet you’ll remember it next time!” What if that strategy isn’t enough?

However, to truly help your child stay organized, you need to get REAL. In this case, REAL stands for Routine, Environment, Aids, and Lists.

Regardless of the goal, having a routine makes us more productive. Routines help to automate tasks and ultimately result in habits. When the sequence of tasks is predictable, we don’t have to expend the brain power thinking, “What’s next?”. Preparation is key when it comes to routines.


Your child’s study environment should be organized. Part of their routine is to straighten their supplies when he’s done with homework. This organization reduces stress, and frees up their energy for other things.


Whether physical or metaphorical, there are many aids to help with organization. Play aids aren’t the so-called marketed educational toys. Objects and open-ended toys can act in aids in imaginative, purposeful play.


Try using one or more of these for academic tasks and feel your child’s sense of order skyrocket!

• folders • color coding • labels

• planner • mnemonics • technology

It’s time to embrace the LIST. Whether paper, phone, or computer, few things are as satisfying as crossing something off a list. What’s even better is the sense of accomplishment that follows. It can buoy one to dig into the remaining tasks.


Whatever the age of your child, get them on board with making a plan to get REAL!

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