By Alanna

A Guide to Becoming a 

minimalist MOther

You may have heard of minimalism before, but what does it mean?

Minimalism is a lifestyle that focuses on only owning and consuming as much as necessary.

It includes physical objects, time, energy, and money.

It’s about living life with less clutter to experience more happiness.

How Minimalism Can Help  a Mother with a Toddler

It allows you to feel more grounded when faced with such an intense task as raising a toddler without losing your sanity or sense of self-worth.

Things You’ll Need to Become More Minimalist:

A strong  will.


An open mind.

A support system.

Minimalist parenting also means being present for our children, being able to back away from the screen and talk while we’re cooking dinner or going for a walk.  It’s about living life mindfully together with less – so that you can make more time for what matters most.