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Best Gifts

for Babies

Looking for the best gifts for babies? This holiday season I am working hard to be more mindful of what comes into our home–especially for our youngest.

I wanted to pull together a simple holiday gift guide that focused on more open ended toys that are suitable for a variety of ages, as well as promote more active play. Babies don’t need much, but here are a few items that are great for learning and development.

Mushie Stacking Cups

This set of muted colored stacking cups are a basic toy but an absolute must have. They help improve fine motor skills and organization.


Plan Toys Matching Puzzle

Simple wooden puzzles with large handles are great for little babies to begin learning about early math concepts such as shape recognition and fractions, it also helps build patience and concentration.

Slumberkins Snuggler

Haba Rainmaker

Plan Toys Bell Rattle

A classic rattle made from wood and very muted colors is a must have gift for little babies.

Plan Toys Baby Car

This little car is so perfect for tiny hands to push and pull. This bright car helps build visual and fine motor skills.

Haba Frog

This frog doubles as a grasping toy and a teether. Love the adorable little frog face!

Plan Toys Triangle Clutch Toy

Grimm’s Large Conical Tower

Another classic toy that helps babies develop an understanding of math concepts such as shapes and size. Opt for this over the plastic ring tower for a beautiful and non-toxic addition to your space.

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