The Best Gifts for Babies

Looking for the best gifts for babies?

The best gifts for babies are gifts that are going to stimulate your baby’s senses. From rattles to balls, there’s something here for every stage of early infancy.

Keep in mind that babies really benefit from very simplistic toys. The last thing you want is to overstimulate your baby.

Toys that light up, make noise, move, or otherwise require batteries are typically unnecessary for babies and they can be very overstimulating.

Here is a gift guide that focused on more open-ended toys that are suitable for a variety of ages, as well as promote more active play. Babies don’t need much, but here are a few items that are great for learning and development.

Simple gifts for babies

Mushie Stacking Cups–This set of muted colored stacking cups are a basic toy but an absolute must-have. They help improve fine motor skills and organization.

Plan Toys Matching puzzle–Simple wooden puzzles with large handles are great for little babies to begin learning about early math concepts such as shape recognition and fractions, it also helps build patience and concentration.

Slumberkins snuggler–Who doesn’t need an adorably snuggly soft lovey in their lives. These little Slumberkins are just too cute.

Haba Rainmaker— A rainmaker is a great sensory experience for little ones. They can work on their grip, shake this to make noise, and watch the little balls move around–helping them begin to develop a sense of cause and effect.

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