Building Blocks

Why Are Blocks Good for Kids?

Blocks are a game-changer because they provide children with many different ways to play. They build, they stack, and sometimes (often!) knock them over.

Children need toys that can be used in a variety of ways to continue their exploration into independence.

Blocks help your child learn hand-eye coordination as well as how to be a part of group play activities with other children–they can practice skills like sharing, turn taking, and dealing with frustration when something doesn’t go their way.

What are Some Skills Developed with Block Play?

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Blocks can help kids develop skills and abilities which will make it easier for them when they get older:

- Develops gross and fine motor skills - Encourages hand-eye coordination

– Helps develop problem-solving skills – Increases a child’s imagination

– Encourages language and mathematical skills

What are the best building blocks for kids? Whether made of wood, plastic, foam or cardboard, each variety has its virtues. Blocks can be smooth, bristly, and even magnetic.

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