Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the new IQ

We now know that one of the biggest predictors of a child being successful and happy is emotional intelligence.

One of our main goals as parents and caregivers should be to guide the child towards independence. As hard as it is to accept, our little ones will, all too soon, be off and dealing with life’s challenges.

In order for true independence to emerge, kids need to feel confident and in control.

Components of Emotional Intelligence



Social Skills



Self- Control vs. Self-Regulation

Anyone with toddlers knows that kids are not born with this ability. Far from it. Toddlers and preschoolers often show us huge emotions.

How kids learn self-regulation

“Kids who learn and regularly practice self-calming strategies like deep breathing and positive affirmations are well on the road to developing a great level of emotional intelligence.”

Developing EQ in Kids

– Openly talk about our own emotions and model self-regulation. – Read books that directly talk about different emotions (Check out The Color Monster, B is for Breathe, or The Way I Feel).

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