Educational Wooden Toys for Kids (3 to 8-Year-Olds)

Wooden toys are great for kids because they don’t contain any toxic chemicals and are made with more sustainable materials.

Wooden toys used to be significantly more expensive, but now that more companies are focusing on sustainability we are seeing more and more affordable wooden toy options become available.

The Advantage of Wooden Toys for Kids

Wooden toys also have the advantage of being very durable so they can last through multiple play sessions with little to no damage. They’re also easy to clean up, which is important when you’ve got children around!

Top Wooden Toys for Kids

Melissa and Doug Unit Blocks: These are an amazing starter set of standard wooden blocks. Every play space should include a set of wooden blocks!

Plan Toys Tea Set: This is a beautiful and gender-neutral wooden tea set that is perfect for pretend kitchen play!

Wooden Instruments: This set is extremely well made and very reasonably priced for everything you get. I do have to hide the recorder every once in a while.

Le Toy Van Play Food: Kitchen play is always a huge hit and for good reason. Children love to pretend to do adult activities like cooking, cleaning, and talking on the phone.

CandyLab Toy Vehicles: These retro-inspired cars are a must-have for any vehicle-loving kiddo. Think Matchbox Cars but way cooler. CandyLab have amazing designs like a TACO TRUCK? 

Hape Toy Cars: These cars are very solid and have heavy-duty wooden wheels that hold up well to vrooming and zooming. The holes in the vehicle make it easy for little hands to grasp.

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