What is  Child Play  Therapy?

Child play therapy is an evidence-based practice for working with children in mental health. This type of therapy uses the natural language of children and the power of play to help children process their feelings and experiences.

However, child play therapy is not the same as regular, everyday play. Spontaneous play is a natural and essential part of the developmental process. While play therapy is a very specific approach to treating children.

How Play Therapy Helps:

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How Play Therapy Helps:

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– Increasing their self-esteem and confidence. – Encouraging children to problem-solve their own challenges and build autonomy.

– Providing a place to speak freely, be seen and understood. – Teaching communication skills to connect with others in a positive way.

– Teaching them to understand their emotions. – Finding new skills to calm their bodies and brains. 

– Normalizing their experiences in the world. – Helping them feel like they are not alone.

Often times children can’t articulate their stress or challenges until they are much older. This means we need to be realistic about how our children communicate. The natural language of a child is play. When a child plays, the toys they use are their words.  The play is the story.

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