best outdoor climbing toys for one year olds & toddlers

Has your little toddler started to explore the many ways in which he can use his arms and legs by crawling under furniture and climbing on it?

As cute and adorable as it might seem, you probably know it is now the time to look for a practical toy that doesn’t just help burn off all that extra energy your toddler seems to have, but also help him learn how to climb, and spend some time outdoors while he’s at it.

We’ve compiled a quick list of some of the best! But before you go ahead and start adding your favorites to the cart, here’s a bit more about why you must consider investing in a climbing toy in the first place.

Why is Climbing Beneficial for Toddlers?

Climbing actually serves a greater purpose.

It offers a number of benefits that include gross motor development, mental and sensory benefits, and even better physical awareness and health.

What Role Does Climbing Play in Child Development?

When children learn how to climb, they are developing strong connections within their brains, and are quite literally visualizing solutions to a problem. 

By completing the activity that requires a specific sequence, they are essentially learning how to solve a low-risk problem.

The Best Outdoor Climbing Toys for 1 2, & 3-Year-Olds

Here are some good toddler climbing toy options that you can set up outdoors.

Best Kids’ Dome Climber

- Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber This heavy-duty free-standing dome climber is one of the best climbing toys for one-year-old children. UV resistant and with super low maintenance.

- Play Wild Kids Climbing  Dome This one might seem similar to most other climbing domes available, but is much more durable, and is superior in many other ways.

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