10 Must Have Art Supplies for Kids

With the shift towards academics in the early years and the rise of Pinterest worthy crafts, moms often feel they have to be setting up elaborate projects or doing worksheets. Neither of which are really all that helpful in early childhood.

Children need freedom to create. They need to get messy. Mix colors. Smash play dough. All the things.

Providing them with a variety art supplies and letting them lead the way is the best way to foster creativity.

You can present them with inspiration and even lay out specific materials for them to use, but try not to have an end goal in mind.

Art is often something that can be weaved into learning of other content areas too, which is a great way to encourage more holistic learning at home.

10 Must Have Art Supplies for Kids

Tempera paint:

We love regular tempera paint for finger painting or using traditional paint brushes, but my kids are obsessed with these paint sticks.


Another great tool for building hand strength, coordination, and fine motor skills.

Crayons: Crayons are a staple for kids art supplies. We tend to lean towards beeswax crayons for the bold and vibrant colors.

Play dough: 

Did you know play dough is an amazing tool for developing hand strength and fine motor skills that are both pre-writing skills?

Easel and paper: Working on vertical spaces helps with coordination, crossing the midline, pencil grip, posture, core strength among other things..


My kids really enjoy watercolor paints. I don’t know if it’s because it involves dipping something in water or what, but they are very different from “regular” paint and therefore we do like to have both options for them.

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