How to encourage/promote independent play in  5 Simple Steps

What you NEED is for your child to play independently and stay engaged in activities to help you get stuff done so you can spend time with them. Sound good? Of course it does!

So… how do you do this? This shift in mindset will help. Try to think in terms of “how can I encourage independent play or learning.”

NOT “how can I keep my kids busy or entertained.” First, you need to shift your mindset.

Instead of asking yourself how to keep your kids busy start thinking in terms of “how can I encourage independent play or learning.”

Focusing on encouraging independent or solo play will allow your kids to develop important skills, while also keeping them engaged for longer stretches of time so you can actually get something done.

Why is independent play important?

Promoting independent or solo play not only benefits you but your child in ways you probably never even thought of. Besides the fact that it promotes creativity and encourages them to use their imagination it also sets them up for adulthood.

Solo play helps teach your child valuable life skills

5 Steps that help Promote Independent Play

Start Purging Toys – too many toys syndrome is a REAL thing

Invest in Open ended toys

The types of toys you have available for your kids directly impacts the quality of their play and your day.

How to organize toys in a way that makes sense to a child

When organizing your space think about how you can provide easy access to the toys that will promote play.

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