I started The Dough Project as a preschool teacher in NYC. Year after year, making dough was my go-to classroom hack.  It was fun and easy to make. Even better, fun and easy to play with, build with, squeeze, smush and share again and again.

A little bit about me and my background in early childhood education!

The Dough Project creates a world of kid-powered playing with jars of fresh playdough and DIY Mixes that come packed with everything you need to make your own dough at home. We use only all-natural ingredients and color from plant-based sources.

The Dough Project is obsessed with creating products that are high quality and safe, so kids can explore and play freely.

4 Benefits of Play Dough

Speech and language

Playing with dough facilitates conversation as children narrate their work, problem solve and tell stories.

Cognitive skills

As children play and explore with dough, they begin to understand early quantitative concepts, like “a little” and “a lot.” They also begin to learn about geometric shapes, measurements, and balance.

Fine motor skills

All that squishing, mushing and rolling strengthens muscles and develops hand-eye coordination

Similar to the relieving effects that come from squeezing a stress ball, playing with dough is great for little ones to calm themselves down, release energy and express emotions.


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