Steps To

Organized Toys


Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of toys your kids have?

Having a cluttered space actually impacts our mental health so it’s not just in your head!

I’ve always loved a good purge (thanks mom!) so I started thinking about how I could share my process with you all. It’s not rocket science but it does take some time and commitment.

ALL toys, ONE spot

Step One:

In order to see what’s really up with all things toy-related, you really need to see it all piled in one spot. 

Now it’s time to begin to sort through all the mess. Go through and make piles in the following order.

Step two:

Piles and Categories

Make piles of the following, in this order

- Sentimental toys - Broken or Abandoned Toys - Toy's that don't meet the "90/10" Rule.

Make Cuts

Step three:

Broken and abandoned toys need to go. Don’t overthink it.  Put them in a large garbage bag and keep moving.

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