100 Outdoor Activities  for Kids

As parents it is up to us to choose to lead the way. Sometimes thinking of outdoor activities for kids can be overwhelming–especially if you aren’t used to spending much time outdoors.

But here’s the thing… It doesn’t matter if you live on a huge lot of land or have direct access to a state park in order for your kids to experience nature.

You can live in an urban area, in a suburban area, or in the country. Your home can be a house with a yard, or in a condo or apartment surrounded by skyscrapers–it doesn’t matter

Just remember that little people don’t need huge spaces.  One tree can feel like a forest to them.

So find that one tree, that little grassy area in the local park, the weeds growing between the sidewalk cracks and make it a priority for your kids to not just “see” nature but to experience it first hand.

Here is 100 simple things to do outside with kids

Most are free or can be done at little cost.

 - Go for a hike - Spend an afternoon at a playground (sit back and let them play!) - Find a tree to climb in your neighborhood or a nearby park

- Have a picnic on the grass, at the beach or find a picnic bench close by - Let baby do some tummy time on a blanket with their hands in the grass

- Go for a walk for the purpose of collecting “treasures” (rocks, acorns, pine cones, burrs, twigs, feathers) - Let your little one use their “treasures” to create art

- Sign up for a Tinkergarden class - Lay on the grass and watch the clouds (this is a great mindfulness activity) - Seek out puddles for splashing

- Set up a tent in the backyard for a simple “camping” overnight - Purposely go barefoot in a mud puddle

- Collect berries, leaves and fallen pedals or leaves and make “soup” (just bring any old pot and wooden spoon outside with a little water–you’ll be surprised at how long this entertains kids)

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