virtual playroom makeover

Ready to take your play space from chaos to calm? Do you want your children to actually play independently?

We help parents simplify and redesign their space to create a calming environment that allows for independent play and growth and development.

Play. Learn. Thrive. Can provide you with:

A simple process to declutter, reimagine and reorganize your space.

Education about the importance of play as it relates to development and learning.

Resources to evaluative toys that are best for active play and development.

Tools to foster independent learning in your home.

A community of supportive parents who are working together to create a space where their kids can play, learn and thrive.

Resources to help you embrace a strategy for schooling at home that fosters individualized learning, problem-solving skills, perseverance and independence. 

How we can work together

1. Play Package

One 30-60 Minute virtual zoom meeting.

Personalized recommendations to help you declutter and reimagine your play space.

Pricing: $75

2. Play Plus Package

Play package PLUS

Additional 30-60 Minute virtual zoom meeting focused on supporting you through the process, helping you reorganize and redesign your play space.

Pricing: $150

3. Thrive Package

Play Plus Package PLUS

Exclusive access to our PLT online coaching community. Our parent community is a space where families can ask questions and receive direct and personalized ongoing support from me personally. 

Pricing: $300