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Are you tired of constantly feeling like you have to entertain your child? Do you struggle to find toys that truly engage your little ones? Are you overwhelmed by the clutter of toys and unsure where to begin organizing your play space? There is a better way!

Introducing the Purposeful Playroom Course, a comprehensive program designed to create a space for your children that invites them to play in ways that are engaging, purposeful, and independent. Led by Alanna Gallo, an education expert with a Master's in Education and a former teacher with over 10 years of classroom experience, this course will transform your child's playtime and your daily life.

Transform Your Child's Playtime and Your Life with These Key Benefits

Engaged and Independent Play

Imagine your children happily playing for hours without needing your constant attention. With our 9-module self-paced course, you'll learn how to create a dedicated play space that encourages independent play and exploration.

Decluttered and Organized Space

Say goodbye to the overwhelming mess of toys! Our simple 3-step process will help you declutter your children's toys and play area, leaving you with a clean and purposeful space that promotes learning and development.

Life Skills and Confidence

Independent playtime is not just about keeping your kids occupied. It's an essential aspect of their development, helping them learn behavioral and cognitive skills like cooperation, reasoning, and decision-making. Purposeful play will boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Reduced Toy Expenses

By creating a functional and engaging play space, you'll notice a reduced need for excessive toys. This course will help you focus on quality play rather than quantity, saving you money in the long run.

What's Included in The Purposeful Playroom Course:

Hi, My name is Alanna...

I’m Alanna Gallo, an education expert with a Master’s in Education, a former teacher with 10+ years of classroom experience, a mom to lots of kids (4 to be exact), and the creator of The Ultimate Playroom. I’ve helped hundreds of parents all over the globe reclaim their lives by setting up appropriate playroom spaces for their kids. 

I created Play. Learn. Thrive. to help parents like you, who could benefit from tools to help raise happy, self-motivated, kind, driven, and independent children.

After taking this course, you’ll feel confident in sitting back and enjoying your alone time while your kids happily play independently. Yes, it's possible, and it can be yours! 

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Parents Share Their Playroom Journey

Read what some parents who have taken The Purposeful Playroom Course have to say about the positive impact it had on their children's playtime and family life. Discover how they transformed their play spaces and reclaimed precious moments while witnessing their children thrive in independent and purposeful play.

"We are all happier now that the toys are more thoughtful and less over-stimulating."

Before taking the Play Learn Thrive program I would periodically go through toys the kids weren’t playing with and downsize. I thought this created a clean, less stress play space. But I wasn’t thinking about purposeful play and didn’t really understand it. What I discovered during the process of my playroom redo was how much my kids enjoyed some of the toys I had hidden away – I went through everything in one day and my kids were happy to play by themselves with Legos and Magnatiles all day! I ended up going through the toys in the kids’ rooms too and felt an emotional clog lifted once we filled an entire truck bed up with toys to donate. Pickup time is shorter and we are all happier now that the toys are more thoughtful and less over-stimulating.”

Shari Stamps

"The boys are playing together regularly and I am able to do some jobs without being disturbed every 5 seconds!"

“Alanna is super friendly and knowledgeable and has allowed me to see the reasons why my children just weren’t playing! I thought it was just the personality of my eldest but in fact he was just overwhelmed by all of the stuff and it was easier to watch TV than play in the chaos! With Alanna’s help I have been able to get rid of lots of toys that had little play value but I was hanging on to them ‘just in case’. I kept some of our best toys in inaccessible places because they looked pretty and I worried pieces would go missing, everything is now in reach of the children and the quality and duration of imaginative play occurring now is amazing! The boys are playing together regularly and I am able to do some jobs without being disturbed every 5 seconds! Thank you ❤.”


Mama Of Two

Enroll Today and Experience the Change

We are so confident that this program will revolutionize your home dynamics that we offer a full refund if you're not satisfied within 7 days of purchase. So there's absolutely no risk for you to try!

exclusive bonuses for you!

When you enroll in the Purposeful Playroom course, you're not just gaining access to a transformative learning experience. We believe in going above and beyond to support your journey towards creating the perfect play space for your child. That's why we're thrilled to offer you these exclusive bonuses.

bonus 1: printable resources

Multiple printables to guide you along the way to a better-organized space.

bonus 2: E-Book Simply Play

A bonus e-book, "Simply Play," which delves into the importance of play in childhood and provides expert insights.

bonus 3: Exclusive Facebook Group

Access to our exclusive Play Learn Thrive Facebook community, where you can connect with other like-minded parents and share experiences.

Don't miss out!

Your children deserve a play space where they can explore, learn, and play independently. And you deserve the peace of mind to get your daily tasks done in a mess-free home. It's time to stop stuffing toys into random corners and get purposeful about your children's play space.

Join us in creating the ultimate play space for your children and experience the joy of watching them play, learn, and thrive! Enroll now and transform your child's playtime and your daily life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Not necessarily! This course will help you create an engaging play space even in small houses, apartments, or shared living spaces.

Our focus is on quality play, not expensive toys. We'll guide you on making the most of what you have.

Definitely not! Every family is unique and this course can provide you with guidance on how to transform your unique space. You’ll also benefit from more personalized support in our exclusive Facebook group.

Absolutely! We'll show you how to ease your child into independent play and build their confidence over time.

Yes! I have spent a significant amount of time teaching in the public school system and working with kids of a variety of needs. I also have a team of specialists that I consult with including a physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech pathologist, special education teachers and play therapists.

Don’t worry, I’ve been there. We will chat about this in the course. You can also always ask for specific recommendations in our exclusive Facebook group.


If you're ready to create a space for your children that invites them to play in ways that are more engaging, purposeful and independent, enroll now!

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