Simply Play!

How parents can encourage play with a purpose.

In our world of busy schedules packed with activities, it's easy to forget the simplicity of one of the basic (but often forgotten) needs of every child: play.

Play with a purpose establishes play not just as something you do, but an important part of every day. Learning how to play with a purpose sets the stage for learning that begins as a toddler, but continues into adulthood.

In this book, author Alanna Gallo presents both the reasons why and ways to accomplish returning play to your child's life in such a way that you'll also feel inspired to find your own inner child.

While play itself comes naturally, modern technology and an overabundance of toys can unintentionally draw away from the natural and simple experience of play with a purpose. In Simply Play parents and caregivers will learn how to encourage productive playtime without over-directing the activities. Establishing internal motivations and drivers for play builds confidence and creates self-motivated learners who are excited and ready to play on their own. 

What you'll learn

1. Developmental skills learned through play

2. How to “follow the child” by understanding play patterns

3. How to encourage active (vs. passive) play

4. Importance of outdoor play and how to make nature time a priority

5. How to overcome barriers to play

6. A simple 3-step process to declutter and reimagine your play space