Commercial consulting

Ready to redesign your early childhood learning center to reflect your belief in the power of play?

We help owners and directors simplify and redesign their space to incorporate more natural materials in order to create a calming environment that maximizes learning and encourages a deep love of learning.

Play. Learn. Thrive. Can provide you with:

A simple process to declutter, reimagine and reorganize the classroom or school space.

Design ideas to help you transform your space into a more natural, simple and calming environment to maximize play and learning.

Workshops to help you engage and educate your parent community about the the importance of play and the influence toys have on development. 

Resources to help you embrace and implement an emergent style approach to educating that fosters individualized learning, problem-solving skills, perseverance and independence. 

How Does It Work?

1. Initial Consult

In phone or in person meeting to discuss general issues and needs of your learning center.

2. Site Visit

Tour of your space and deeper discussion of your needs. We will provide our thoughts on design, work with you to evaluate the current set up of toys and spaces and create an individualized recommendation to help you revamp your space.

3. Ongoing Support

Follow up conversations about any recommendations made, toy selection consulting, help with parent communications surrounding the space redesign.