Ready for your kids to play independently?

Learn to create a space for your children that invites them to play in ways that are more ENGAGING, PURPOSEFUL, and INDEPENDENT.

Does any of this sound like you?

Your child is CONSTANTLY ASKING YOU TO PLAY because they don't like playing alone.
Your child COMPLAINS ABOUT BEING BORED even with a house full of toys.
You are OVERWHELMED by the sheer amount of “stuff” your children have.

You struggle to find toys that keep your child ENGAGED FOR MORE THAN 15 MINUTES.
YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN organizing your toys or play space.
You wish your children would just “GO PLAY” so you could actually enjoy a hot coffee.

You're not alone.

You’re experiencing this problem because…

Well, because we are human.
We buy all the toys because we are tired of saying “no.”
We beg grandparents to stop buying “stuff,” but they don't listen.
Our kids come home from school begging for the latest and greatest.
We put off organizing the play space because, let's face it, it's going to end up a chaotic mess regardless. Isn't it?
I'm right there with you.

What if I told you there was a better way?

Two toddlers trying to play in a very messy play space that is so covered with toys that you can barely see the floor
Organized playroom that invite children to play independently

You're stressed, surrounded by toys, feeling trapped in your own home.

But I promise you there is a better way.

A way to set up your environment and choose toys that will encourage active and independent play–giving you back some much needed time and space.

Is this your life?

You feel guilty about asking or expecting your kids to play alone but you WISH for time and space to get things done

Your home has toys in EVERY CORNER but somehow none of them hold your child's attention

You wish you KNEW MORE about how to promote learning and development for your child

What if you could…

Have a dedicated space where your children will actually want to play…WITHOUT YOU

Have FEWER toys, but see your children is more engaged play

Have a space for your children that is SIMPLE, functional, and promotes learning and development


Purposeful Playspace

Learn to create a space for your children that invites them to play in ways that are more ENGAGING, PURPOSEFUL, and INDEPENDENT.

What you'll learn

Module 1: Overview of the importance of play, toys, and the play environment.

What is play and why it is important for your child?
The skills learned through play.
The importance of the environment and how it supports play.

Module 2: Understanding patterns of play.​

How children use play to understand the world around them​.
The eight most common patterns of play in children​.
Activities you can do, and toys you can provide, to support each play pattern​.

Module 3: Evaluating toys.

The types of toys you need (and don't need).
Five things to look for when evaluating toys.
Suggestions for developmentally appropriate toys.

Module 4: Minimizing to maximize play.

The key to having fewer toys but better play.
Our 3-Step Process to a more organized playroom.

Module 5: Reimagine your space.

The most important types of play spaces to physical, social, and emotional development.
A detailed explanation of how each space supports learning.
Strategies to turn even a small space into an amazing space for purposeful play.

Module 6: Encouraging independent play.

5 simple ways to encourage independent play.
Tips for what to do if your little one isn't used to playing alone.
How to shift our own mindset about independent play.

You'll Also Get These Bonuses!

e-course bonus examples

Simply Play

In this book, you’ll learn both the reasons why and ways to accomplish returning play to your child’s life in such a way that you’ll also feel inspired to find your own inner child.

Printable Resources

Checklists, quick guides, charts, and more. All available to you, easy to reference, and ready to print to help you along your journey.

Facebook Group

Access to our Facebook group to be able to ask questions, discuss parenting topics, request toy suggestions, and more.


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Don't take our word for it.

See what our community has to say.

“Alanna is super friendly and knowledgeable and has allowed me to see the reasons why my children just weren’t playing! I thought it was just the personality of my eldest but in fact, he was just overwhelmed by all of the stuff and it was easier to watch TV than play in the chaos! With Alanna’s help, I have been able to get rid of lots of toys that had little play value but I was hanging on to them ‘just in case. I kept some of our best toys in inaccessible places because they looked pretty and I worried pieces would go missing, everything is now in reach of the children and the quality and duration of imaginative play occurring now is amazing! The boys are playing together regularly and I am able to do some jobs without being disturbed every 5 seconds! Thank you!”

Carleigh, Mom of two

Alanna helped me totally redo our play space for the kids. She redesigned the layout of our living room/play area, helped declutter old toys, and set up a place where my kids had less cluttered toys and more options to use their imagination. The space now is much more functional and encourages creative play for my 3 and 4.5-year-old kids!

Natasha, Mom of two

“Before taking this course I would periodically go through toys the kids weren’t playing with and downsize. I thought this created a clean, less stressful play space. But I wasn’t thinking about purposeful play and didn’t really understand it. What I discovered during the process of my playroom redo was how much my kids enjoyed some of the toys I had hidden away – I went through everything in one day and my kids were happy to play by themselves with Legos and Magnatiles all day! I ended up going through the toys in the kids’ rooms too and felt an emotional clog lifted once we filled an entire truck bed up with toys to donate. Pickup time is shorter and we are all happier now that the toys are more thoughtful and less over-stimulating.”

Shari Stamps, Navigating Parenthood

Is Purposeful Playspace Right for Me?

This is perfect for you if:

You want your child to HAPPILY play by themselves.
You are a busy parent who would love to RECLAIM significant time in your day.
You want a FUNCTIONAL space that will encourage development and learning.
You want FEWER toys, but BETTER quality play.
You want your children to learn behavioral and cognitive skills like cooperating, listening, reasoning, and decision making.

This is NOT for you if:

You are not interested in creating a play environment where your child feels comfortable and confident.
You feel confident about your understanding of the importance and impact of open-ended toys and the environment on the quality of play.
You don't believe children are capable of playing independently.
You couldn't use some extra “me” time because you have it all together!
You're not looking for ways to keep your children entertained without screen time.

Hi there, I'm Alanna

I am a mama to four little ones, the founder of Play. Learn. Thrive. and a former teacher.

Motherhood isn’t easy, especially when you’re juggling time with kids and working… it can feel like herding cats. That’s why it was important for me to teach my kids to play independently because let’s face it, being able to do it all is a myth.

When I founded Play. Learn. Thrive., I desired to help parents like you who also wanted their kids to play independently.

During my 10 years of teaching in Connecticut's public school system, I taught several students who struggled with motivation and confidence.  I experienced some similarities with my kids at home, which took me down the rabbit hole of research about the importance of play in early childhood development. 

What I learned changed my view of education and parenting to the core. So I founded Play. Learn. Thrive to teach you what I've learned and to make life a little easier!

Through my courses and resources, I'll show you how to use independent play to encourage problem-solving, critical thinking, and self-reliance.

I’m excited for you to join me on this journey towards happier, more confident kids, one play session at a time.

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So are you ready for your kids to take back your house, your time and your sanity?

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