30 Outdoor Activities for Kids

Importance of outdoor activities for kids

We know kids should play outside, right? Right….so what are some great outdoor activities for kids of all ages?

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If you need a refresher on WHY they should play outside you can read this article about the ever growing importance of outdoor play.

Also, check out one of my absolute favorite movements. The 1000 Hours Outside Challenge which was created to counteract the fact that we are loosing approximately 1200 HOURS of childhood to SCREENS. This challenge encourages us to match screen time with outdoor time.

But outdoor activities for kids are hard…

Sometimes they would rather sit inside and watch T.V.

Or it's raining.

Maybe it's too hot.

Or you don't have a backyard so you struggle to find outdoor activities that you could easily enjoy.

Or you love being outside with your kids, but you can't, for the life of you, think of anything new to try.

Here is a list of 30 articles that provide some great outdoor activities for kids (even when it's raining, too hot, too cold…..)

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  17. Outdoor Color Match Activity 
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  20. Scavenger Hunt Printable
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  24. A Backyard Camping Trip – The Best Way To Introduce Kids to the Camping Experience!
  25. Gardening with Kids
  26. 5 Things to Bring for a Day in the Park
  27. How to Create a ‘Yes Space’ Outdoors (When You Don’t Have a Yard)
  28. 25+ Water Play Activities For Kids
  29. 9 Must Have Screen-Free Outdoor Toys to Keep Kids Engaged and Learning
  30. How to Get Kids Outside During the School Year

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