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What's Inside The Toy Evaluation Checklist

Are you a parent, guardian, or someone who cares for children? Finding the right toys that are not only entertaining but also safe and beneficial for a child's growth can be a challenging task.


This checklist provides expert insights on what to look for in toys to support active play.

Encourage Independent Play

Find out how to select toys that inspire imagination, creativity, and critical thinking AND guide your child towards more independent play.


Evaluate the toys you have to see if they are the best possible options for your child's development. Not all toys are created equal!

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I’m the founder of Play. Learn. Thrive.™, a mom of four, a former teacher with a Master's in Education, writer, educational consultant, content creator, public speaker, lover of worldschooling, and a believer that a child-led approach to learning and parenting can change the trajectory of kids' lives.
Together we’ll slow down, stop rushing our kids through life and raise lifelong learners who will become confident and independent adults. 


Why Get the Toy Evaluation Checklist


Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions when selecting toys for the children in your life.

Child's Well-being

Prioritize your child's well-being by choosing toys that foster their growth, learning, and safety.


Save time and avoid stress by following our easy-to-use checklist while shopping for toys.

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