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Beanie Baby Body Scan
Guest Post By Jennifer Barrett
Mother~Yoga Teacher~Mindful Awareness Educator

One of my favorite mindful awareness practices to facilitate with grown ups is a body scan meditation. The practice invites us to purposefully bring attention to various parts of our body, and to simply notice any sensations or lack of sensations in that moment. This present moment awareness is not only calming for the nervous system, but it offers excellent practice in focusing the mind.

This practice is invaluable for children, but in its bare form, can be too abstract.

I had an aha moment last weekend when my nine year old found me on the couch and began to pile his beanie baby stuffed animal all over me. What a perfect way to bring this practice to little ones!

I asked him to lie down on his back and invited him to simply notice the feeling in his body wherever I placed one of his beanie babies. I put one of his shoulder, then the other shoulder, his thigh, the other thigh, his belly, and so on. I made sure to ask if it was okay for me to continue.

Once the beanie babies were all in place he remained still, balancing them there and just noticing the rise and fall of the beanie baby on his belly as he breathed in and out.

To remove them I reversed the process. I asked him to notice what it felt like each time I took one off. He loved the practice so much he asked to repeat it. I shared it later that week with one of my classes of young children and one little girl became so calm she almost fell asleep right then and there!

So have fun, play with this practice and let us know how it goes. We are always here to answer any questions. You can check us out at

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