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Learning at Home Schedule

Looking for a learning from home schedule? Having a daily schedule for your family is important as it sets up a predictable routine for your kids. Kids thrive on structure but that doesn’t mean that you need to have an hour by hour schedule with explicit activities booked for every minute of the day. In fact, it’s often less stressful for everyone to allows for some flexibility. Having a daily rhythm allows you to set the tone for the day, but not feel trapped or frustrated when something doesn’t go exactly as planned.

Block Schedule to Create a Daily Rhythm

A block schedule allows you to think about your day in manageable chunks of time–approximately 2-3 hours at a time. Long enough for you to accomplish tasks or for your kids to really engage in something, but short enough to provide enough changes that they don’t feel stuck.

Above is the sample block schedule that works pretty well for my family. We do shift things around when needed, and every day isn’t the same but I find having a simple block schedule allows us to create a daily rhythm for our family.

Click here for the printable block schedule to help you create a daily rhythm for your family.
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