Child Development

Everything you need to know about play and child development. How to help your child build the skills they need to grow and learn.

  • How to Improve Focus, Memory Power, and Concentration in a Child with Play!

    Poor concentration skills in children aren’t necessarily a long-term problem you can help children to improve their concentration over time.   Firstly, it is imperative that concentration and intelligence are in no way linked. Poor concentration skills do not mean low intelligence and in many cases, the opposite can be true.  Secondly, concentration can improve over…

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  • What are the stages of play? Jean Piaget’s Theory of Play!

    How can a theory published in 1936 still help you to understand your children and how to encourage them through their cognitive development?  While Jean Piaget’s Theory of Play is closing in on its hundred-year anniversary it is still used in education and psychology to understand the stages of children’s development.  And I can help…

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  • Risky Play: What Parents NEED to Know

    Risky Play Children have an innate need for risk-taking. In addition, children who are encouraged to take risks at a younger age are able to better manage risk once they have gained more independence. A lack of ample opportunity to take risks may increase fear and inappropriate aggression, as well as limit the ability to…

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